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Wanderlust: Bangkok, Thailand!

Do you like any of the following:

* Shopping?
* Clean and delicious Street Food?
* Partying/Drinking?
* Tuktuk Rides?
* Paaaaad Thai? (Yes, I want a
separate bullet for this as this is
what has left me daydreaming
about heading back to Bangkok

If your answers consist of more than one yes for the items above, I would recommend Bangkok, Thailand. I had a quick weekend getaway only, as always, so I stayed put in the city. If you have the time (like most of my traveler friends), you can also go to other areas like Phuket, Krabi, and Ko Phi Phi).

So what did I do for two days? Oh I just enjoyed being in a new place, seeing different people, hearing new languages, and meeting new friends.

You see, I’m quite addicted to this feeling. It’s been more than a week since this trip and I am already itching to travel again. Oh dear Lord, the curse of wanderlust can never leave my system!

So, anyway, back to Bangkok… The minute I arrived there, I loved that it was so convenient to get a ride to Khaosan (or Khao San) Road from the airport. I didn’t even have to stand in line! And you know what was so amazing about it? The music that the driver was playing Thai music all the way! And I was even treated to a singing driver… You won’t get to hear him sing in the video I shared below as I was just being sneaky as I was taking the video. He quickly stopped when he noticed I was taking a video of him! Haha 😉



Beautiful Music!;)


Oh wait, I forgot about the art pieces at the airport! Oh my, my eyes were treated to such a feast! There were art pieces on every wall and I loved it! If I had more time, I would have stayed longer there but I simply had no time and I just wanted to get to the city as soon as possible.

So how much did I spend on the cab ride? Below is the breakdown:

450 baht – cab ride
75 baht – Skyway fee
Total – 525 baht

On my trip back to the airport two days after though, the cab driver I got only asked for 450 baht (inclusive of the 75 baht Skyway fee).

Anyway, when I got to Khaosan Road, I immediately looked for a people-infested restaurant. If I’ve learned any lesson from my last Bali trip, it is that I shouldn’t feel too invincible when traveling alone. Caution is of utmost importance! I ended up at The Lucky Beer where there were two Filipino servers (both utterly nice by the way). The first thing I tried was the Iced Coffee. You see one of the few favorite things I had in Bali was the iced coffee I had at their airport. This, unfortunately, wasn’t as good as the ones I had in Bali and Siem Reap. All good though.;)



PS forgive me for my eyes-closed-unflattering photo, my mind and heart were extremely excited but my body was obviously not! This was another oh-I’m-gonna-do-a-9-hr-shift-then-head-to-the-airport kind of trip. One I refuse to have in the near future!:p).

So now that I have mentioned Khaosan Road, I can tell you about my favorite part of Bangkok.

The busy streets. Street food. Fruits. Pad Thai. Clothes, oh lots of clothes! Oh and no, I didn’t shop at all (:()The stalls are open till late at night though so for those whose main goal is to shop when in Bangkok, then do visit Khaosan Road. The clothes are cheap and of good quality! The other shopping areas I visited were MBK and Bobae Tower (which I didn’t really like-except for the fresh cantaloupe I got outside of the place, which is everywhere anyway).

Below are some of the interesting sights I enjoyed in Bangkok:


















I guess it’s obvious that I enjoyed the food here more than in the other places I’ve visited this year (Siem Reap and Bali). This is mainly because I decided to try out more of the Thai and street food they had which were really good. I didn’t really do this while I was in the other countries. Oh the Phad Thai! The fresh fruits and the fresh drinks. Soooo sarap! Phad Thai was only being sold for 50 baht at Khaosan Road and I’m telling you, it was soooo good! Fresh fruits (only my family knows how crazy I am about fruits-well and you now, that is) were being sold for 20 baht. A bottle of fresh orange juice was also only for 20 baht. I made a promise to myself and that is that I am definitely going to go back for more shopping and for the food as well!

50 baht Phad Thai from Khaosan Road

Yummy Chicken curry from Oasis at MBK on the GF. Only for 65 baht (If I remember correctly).;)


Okay now that I’ve shown you the delicious food and places I enjoyed in Bangkok, I’m gonna share one more thing I did twice during my two-day vacation—watch a movie. Oh not done yet, the same movie! Haha. In my defence, Adam Levine is in it! Haha, just kidding. Loved the plot so much and the movie house at MBK is nice! You know what I loved most about it? The poooopcorn! So good, best I’ve ever had! Haha 😉


Food. “Window” shopping (lol). Tuktuk rides. Mall hopping. Drinking by the streets. That summarizes my 2-day Bangkok trip. Fun and definitely something I would do again (except longer next time)!

Below are some suggestions and tips if you’re ever heading that way soon:

1. Beware of tuktuk drivers who want to take you to buy coupons or get suits done (unless it’s something you really want to do). They can get relentless and their usual strategy is saying it’s just on the way. By the way, tuktuk rides normally ask for 200 baht first but then you can haggle and get it down to a hundred baht (or even less than that if you’re good at it). From Bobae Tower, our driver only asked for 65 baht to get to the port for the Floating Market. He later said he was okay with 100 baht for the whole day which is a really good deal. The only catch was he was one of those drivers who kept insisting on taking us to a place for coupons which was on the way.

2. Just get metered cabs to get around if you’re planning to go to a place that’s kind of far like Silom or the other areas in Bangkok. From one mall in Sukhumvit to MBK, I only paid about 50/60 baht which is normally gonna cost at least 100 baht if you were to go for a tuktuk ride.

3. Khaosan Road – shop there, eat there, and party there. So much fun! I ended up staying at Khaosan Palace which made it extremely convenient and safer for me as it was just on the street itself. If I remember correctly a room there costs about 600-750 baht and you leave a 500 baht deposit when you check in. The room, like the place I stayed in in Siem Reap, isn’t anything fantastic at all but it was good enough for me.

4. Go mall hopping! Totally worth it. You get to see other equally amazing clothing stores selling clothes for reasonable prices! And watch a movie while you’re at it. This is something I don’t normally do while traveling but I enjoyed doing so mainly because of the movie I watched and the yummy popcorn! Oh and again, Adam Levine. :p

5. Don’t be like me and plan for a longer trip to see the other areas, especially the beaches. I know that’s what I’m going to do the next time I go.

Yep, the next time I go which won’t be too long from now. This is my second trip to Thailand and despite it being a quick one, it has left me happy and (as always) wanting more!

Thailand is definitely the kind of place that never gets boring; always worth another visit!

I’m gonna end this post with two videos my best friend and I shot during our first trip to Thailand about two years ago to prove to you, my dear reader, that this place is the right kind of place to go to when you need an upper.;)

The we’ve been stuck for 10 hours at the airport nonsensical video

Silly us in Pattaya – Call Me Maybe!!

Ps My best friend is gonna kill me for posting the videos (sorry sis! Lol)

Anyway what are you waiting for? Time to plan your very own Thailand trip! Have funnnnn! 😉

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