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Travel Tip | Stay Connected through Flytpack!

How do I keep myself connected to the internet?

That is one of the most important questions I ask myself before a trip abroad. Without organizing it, a whopping bill awaits upon my return. This is what I try to avoid as best I can.

During my previous trips, I would often just rely on the WIFI connection at the hotels I stay in, which isn’t really the most reliable option. To add to that, it’s also difficult as I often bombard my followers with consecutive posts as I normally am at the hotel only at night.

I’ve found the best answer though a few weeks ago. Moving forward, Flytpack will be my traveling companion. During my most recent trip to Thailand, I was connected to the internet all day long every day of my trip for just P180.00 per day.

What is Flytpack?


It is a WIFI router rental at affordable prices with unlimited WIFI access everywhere. Trust me, I went on a trip for Thai Airways and Tourism Authority of Thailand a week ago and we explored Samut Songkhram (about 2 hours away from Bangkok), Hua Hin (about 3 hours away from Bangkok), and Nang Loeng (just a few minutes away from Bangkok) and I was online from the beginning to the end of the trip in all these places.

It comes with a portable charger and to top it off, it can connect several devices at a time. It’s also very slim and light so it’s easy to carry around everywhere.

Which countries are covered by Flytpack?



How do you rent your own Flytpack router for your next trip?

Steps to follow to rent your own Flytpack router.

Steps to follow to rent your own Flytpack router.

To rent one now, visit: http://flytpack.com/cart/wifi.


Always Connected with Flytpack

Thanks to my Flytpack router, I was connected to the internet 24 hours, every single day! It made my job as a vlogger so much easier as I was able to update and post any time I wanted to. During the times I was stuck in the van for about 2-3 hours in between cities, I never got bored as I kept myself busy posting pictures, editing videos, reading the news, going live on Facebook, and keeping myself in touch with my loved ones back home.

I don’t think I can travel without a Flytpack router anymore!


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