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Summer-Ready Hair Thanks to Yannig of Frank Provost Alabang

Hair before the treatment

Every now and then, we yearn for a change. Sometimes, the simplest changes can be so refreshing. As trivial as this may sound, changing my hairstyle always makes me feel a whole better. Sometimes that’s all you need as an upper when days are long and stressful. These days, I find myself only running to and trusting Yannig Sauvage of Frank Provost Alabang.

Yannig truly knows how to bring out the ‘best hair’ for you. There’s complete trust in his skill to do so with his mastery of color and shade.

The first time I walked in months ago, he did not only ask about what shade I had in mind but he had options to share based on my skin tone . I take comfort in knowing that the process is shared by the stylist and the client. The hair is, after all, our crowning glory.

I came back once again two days ago as I was feeling the need to change my color for the summer season. “I want it lighter and brighter” is all I had to tell him.

As always, he offered me options close to the peg I had shown him and we both made the decision together.

Needless to say, he is meticulous and passionate about his profession and it is easy to give him all my trust throughout the process.

I came in at 10 am with hair that I was starting to feel bored with, and came out at 1 pm feeling like a new lady!

Yes, sometimes all you need is a trip to the salon. One found in Molito Alabang that is. 😉

With Stylist Extraordinaire Yannig Sauvage of Frank Provost Alabang

Hair Before and After

Happy with my new hairstyle and color! Thanks Yannig!

To book your appointment with them, visit Frank Provost located in Molito, Alabang. Their contact numbers are: 632 772-3284 to 86. For more information on Yannig Sauvage, visit his website: http://yannigsauvage.com.

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