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Staying Connected While In Transit Through Flytpack

Staying connected while in transit is truly a must for me. With the thirst for new restaurants to try out, tourist spots to explore, hotels to stay in, and people to keep in touch with while traveling, my connection to the online world is pretty much a necessity.

This used to be close to impossible for me back in the day, considering it always felt like it would cost me an arm and a leg to purchase a good roaming deal with the telecommunication companies here in the Philippines. It isn’t any different when you purchase a SIM card in the country you’re visiting. It’s still as expensive and as slow.

I’m grateful to have found the answer for me. Two trips ago, I was able to discover the efficiency of Flytpack’s WiFi routers. Best of all, Flytpack offers very reasonable rates, ranging from P180.00 – P550.00/per day, depending on which country you’re visiting.

I used Flytpack twice for two trips to Thailand in various areas and I have not once been disappointed with its service. Fast, reliable, and convenient.

I never thought it would be possible to keep myself connected 24/7, without having to lose all my allotted money for my trips. Goodbye to the fear of whopping telephone bills from my service provider in the Philippines. Goodbye to relying on the hotels’ WiFi service. I have come to realize that no matter how fancy these hotels are, you’d always be competing with hundreds of guests for a fast and reliable connection.

Thanks to my new travel buddy, though, these worries don’t concern me anymore. I’m left satisfied knowing I am able to do my job; blog, post, and research, while I’m in transit and all I have left to do is what I really travel for – get lost in the moment, to explore.


Renting A Flytpack WiFi Router

Renting a Flytpack WiFi router is easy. All you have to do is book your router online via www.flytpack.com at least five days before leaving for your trip. Make the payment and the router will be delivered to you at least a day before your departure.

Hassle-free and convenient. Flytpack’s office is at SM Aura Office Tower so it was quite easy for me to pick the router up after the payment was made.


Reliable Connection

Like a little girl, I was in awe of my ability to create, edit, watch, and post videos while we were moving from one city to another. I no longer had to think about the backlog of posts on my blog, as I was able to publish them real-time. From Bangkok to Samut Songkhram to Hua Hin to Chiang Mai, I was always able to rely on Flytpack’s efficient internet connection. Best of all, I was able to share this with my travel buddies as well as Flytpack allows several devices to connect to one router.
Reliable, efficient, and reasonably priced. It will be hard for me to imagine traveling without the convenience of Flytpack from here onwards.

To book a router for your next trip, visit their website: www.flytpack.com.

Flytpack’s  Contact Details: 

Email: hello@flytpack.com

Phone Number: +63 02 485 8341

Text: +63 926 018 2272

Viber: +63 926 018 2272

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