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[Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds] Portraits of Women on Canvas Bags: La Fille

[Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds] Portraits of Women on Canvas Bags: La Fille

“This is part of the Portraits of Women on Canvas Bag Art Series II by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds. Pre-order this design on Travel Finds’ Shop. Part of the proceeds will benefit the displaced families of super typhoon Yolanda”.

My Art: La Fille 6/25/2013

A clean slate,
A beautiful tomorrow,
A girl.

I often paint sadness. I believe this you can see when you take a look at the women in my gallery. I find myself doing so to forget whatever it is that I’m going through in my life. What’s highly unusual is when I end up painting something slightly pleasant, something beautiful, something hopeful.

La Fille is out of the ordinary when it comes to me and my paintings. She is beautiful, hopeful, and loving. I look at her and I remember one of my favorite phrases: Tabula Rasa. I see nothing but peace and contentment.

She reminds me of who I was, full of enthusiasm and hope for what tomorrow has to bring. And it is exactly because of this that I love her the most. She reminds me of how refreshing life is and how beautiful each tomorrow can be depending on how we look at is.

A clean slate, yes. Beautiful tomorrows and a girl.


Art and words by Jamie Fournier

To see more pics of this artwork/see more designs: http://travelfindsshop.com/jamie-fournier-x-travel-finds-portraits-women-canvas-bags-la-fille/

To order: TravelFindsshop.com

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