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[Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds] Portraits of Women on Canvas Bags: Chaos

[Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds] Portraits of Women on Canvas Bags: Chaos

“This is part of the Portraits of Women on Canvas Bag Art Series II by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds. Pre-order this design on Travel Finds’ Shop. Part of the proceeds will benefit the displaced families of super typhoon Yolanda”.

My Art: Chaos. 6/25/2013.

She stared blankly at him,
Unaware of what’s left to think about,
And what’s left to say.

Good and bad.
All done now,
All gone now.

So beautiful one day
Yet so destructive
the next.

All done now,
All gone now.

She stared.


Loving someone is probably the most difficult thing you can ever choose to do in your life. Real love takes a whole lot of effort to really make it work. Everyday you make the decision to either move on with your significant other or walk away.

I painted Chaos when a string of eventful days filled with fighting, crying, and making up bombarded my life. It wasn’t because we lost the love we had for each other, but it was because nature was taking its course.

Love is that way. Love is erratic.

It can be beautiful one day and destructive the next. It’s what you do with the love you found and have every single day that determines where it will lead you, whether you end up forgetting what it’s all about, what you two are fighting for, or whether you choose to stay and fight for it.

Chaos is my reminder of that constant question in relationships: should I stay or should I go?

I found my answer and I am still standing up for that answer up until now.

Art and words by Jamie Fournier

To see more pics of Chaos: http://travelfindsshop.com/jcaf-x-travel-finds-portraits-women-canvas-bags-chaos-2/

To order a Chaos Travel Finds x Jamie Fournier canvas bag: TravelFindsshop.com

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