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HD Vision with Shinagawa Lasik Center

375 – The Norm

Half of my life, I had come to accept that clear vision was never going to be mine. At a very young age when glasses were (still) hip, I had prayed for the day my ophthalmologist would say: “You need to wear glasses, my dear.”

Safe to say, I soon found myself regretting this wish. Wearing glasses and contact lenses quickly became a norm which I had to grow accustomed to through the years.

My vision became worse as years went by; From 150 to 300 to 375. As my work as an event host requires me to be onstage most of the time, lenses were my norm every single day.

Up until a week ago, I thought that this would forever be the case but I was proven wrong.

Shinagawa – The Leap

I’ve heard about Lasik surgery before and in the past I had often wondered if I would ever be brave enough to go through a surgery like this.

Let’s be honest, it’s quite a daunting procedure to think about. I mean if putting lenses on already scares some people, you can imagine how some would feel about having your eyes operated on.


Despite the fear, what remained appealing for me was the result that most of my friends who went through this procedure had shared: HD vision within 24 hours post the operation.

I wanted HD vision too! I wanted to know how it would feel like to wake up and actually see things around me. I wanted to do away with glasses while reading in bed. I wanted to do away with having to wait until the last minute to take off my contact lenses when I would still want to watch TV before sleeping. I wanted to do away with the uncomfortable feeling of dry lenses when I’m out working the whole day.

When one of my dearest friends came back raving about his improved vision right after his surgery with Shinagawa Lasik Center, I knew what I had to do next: Take the leap to clearer vision with a team that has proven to be the best in my circle time and time again.

It was time for me to go for it and ‘see’ for myself.

The Procedure

9 AM – Screening/Eye Check

11 AM – 1 hour Coffee Break

12 NN – Assessment and Consultation with Ophthalmologist

12:30 PM – Lunch Break

3:30 PM – Surgery

I was asked to go through sets of screening procedures before my consultation with the Ophthalmologist, Dr. Albert Guerrero. It was quite easy and the machines are situated to make it a breeze to go through. Post all the tests, I was then given drops to dilate my eyes before my lunch break. I was a bit sensitive to light and my vision was blurry, but there was no pain involved at all.

With Dr. Germaine Co who took me through all the tests needed before my consultation with Dr. Guerrero

When all was done and the results were in, I was given the go signal by Dr. Guerrero to go through the surgery.

What I loved most about having Dr. Guerrero take the lead in my Lasik surgery was that he was very transparent, supportive, and reassuring. From the very beginning, he shared everything about the procedure and what I was to expect after it. It was easy to trust him and be confident in his knowledge and experience. From our first talk, it was clear – he knew what he was doing.

Before the surgery, we were given kits and an orientation to understand what was going to happen before, during, and after the operation. The transparency definitely helped relieve my anxiety about the pending procedure.

Kits were given before the surgery and an orientation was held led by the nurse so we all were well aware of what would happen before, during, and after the operation

After the orientation, we then had to wait for our turn to see the ‘light.’

I literally had to just lie on the surgical bed for about 10 minutes. That’s all it took. But let me take you through the process as best as I can.

Dr. Guerrero was with me every step of the way. “It’s quick and painless, Jamie” was his reassuring line which kept me from running away from the laser equipment. He kept sharing his reminders which were to refrain from moving and to always just look at the green light or straight ahead.

Clamps helped keep my eyes open as Dr. Guerrero was positioning me for the operation. It also helped that they had used anesthetic drops before the operation.

Photo by Antonio Mijares

Photo by Antonio Mijares

Once the procedure had begun, Dr. Guerrero’s voice became my guide. “Jamie don’t move, this will be quick and easy. Just look at the green light, look straight.” What you see varies from what I remember. It’s mostly red light with a green dot for your eyes to focus on. All I had to do was to follow Dr. Guerrero’s instructions. While I was looking at the green dot, I had felt a bit pressure around the surface of my eye. And then Dr. Guerrero’s magical words: “You did well, Jamie. We’re done with the right eye, we’ll move on to the left.” Then we began the same procedure once again for the left eye.

As mentioned earlier, it was hard to believe that everything was done in 10 minutes or less. “You did very well, Jamie. We’re done.” After that, I was asked to move back to the orientation room to change and I was told that I could go as soon as I felt I was ready, which was pretty much right after.

It was pretty obvious right then and there that my world had become clearer.

The Night and Morning After

It was apparent that I could see what would normally just be a blur to me during my pre-lasik surgery days right after the operation. There was, however, like what had been shared during my consultation with Dr. Guerrero and the orientation, a bit of discomfort as my eyes felt grainy and watery post the procedure. It hurt to look at my phone or any light for that matter. It was bearable pain, though, and I had just slept through it, keeping in mind that I had to wake up every three hours though for my drops. After my intermittent sleep throughout the night after, the morning after, though, was glorious!

I woke up and everything was crystal clear!

I could see the details of the painting on the wall. The digital time on the other side of the room. The details of the couch. It was something I surely wasn’t used to, but very excited about.

I was asked to see Dr. Guerrero again the next day to check how everything was and during that check-up, I had found out that from 375 for both eyes, my vision has now become 20/12.

A Week After

It’s been exactly a week since my Lasik surgery and it’s hard to believe that a week ago, I couldn’t imagine that this could ever be the norm for me. It fascinates me that I was just a procedure away from this worry-free HD vision of mine and all it took was for me to finally go for it and believe in the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

I have thrown my glasses and lenses away since then. Everything is much clearer and better now.

One thing is certain – I definitely made the right decision to see better with Shinagawa Lasik Center.

With Dr. Albert Guerrero. Photo by Antonio Mijares

Photo by Antonio Mijares

Goodbye glasses, hello HD vision!

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